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Elections / Local 2007 / Chisinau / Iordan Veaceslav /

Electoral Program of the Candidate to the Position of General Mayor of Chisinau Veaceslav Iordan

I. My goals

  1. To make Chisinau look like an European capital from all points of view;
  2. To improve the lives of Chisinau residents immediately and visibly;
  3. To focus the activity of Mayor on communal administration and quality of public services;
  4. To pay the necessary attention to the young generation, to take care of children and youths, the future of the Chisinau municipality;
  5. To protect the elderly and families in need.

II. My attitude

  1. I do not want to engage myself in petty, sterile political talks launched by my adversaries in the race for the City Hall;
  2. I am not a politician, I am an expert in organisation and management;
  3. My electoral programme is based on requirements and needs of citizens and it provides concrete solutions to their problems;
  4. I commit myself to implement this electoral programme, as I have worked one year in the City Hall and seven years in transportation sector;
  5. I will tender resignation if I fail any point from my electoral programme because I cannot accept unfulfilled promises;
  6. I do not have the right to disappoint you. I do not want to see you unsatisfied. I will win the mayoral elections to rule you the way you want, for your interest.

III. My 15-point programme

For combat of high prices and poverty eradication

  1. All provisions of poverty eradication agreements between Moldovan Government and IMF and World Bank will be implemented;
  2. Conditions for arrangement and functioning of cooperative markets (like ECONOMAT) will be created, so that retirees and people in need to buy cheaper food products there;
  3. Starting 2008, the City Hall will increase all 124,000 pensions paid to residents of Chisinau by 100 lei a month.

For housing development and granting of social apartments

  1. We will keep building lodging under roofs of another 300 blocks, granting 4,000 new apartments a year for half of the free market price and 500 social apartments in mansards;
  2. The City Hall will demand a tax of 10 percent of the value of construction for any new building and this tax will be paid to the social housing fund, so that families in need will receive 500 social apartments a year.

For protection of environment which is threatened by pollution and chaotic development

  1. The general city development plan of the Chisinau municipality, particularly for protection of environment, will be implemented day by day;
  2. Works at the residual water filtering plant of the municipality will be monitored, so that residents to be able to breath fresh air only starting summer 2009;
  3. Parks, playgrounds, green areas will be protected and the abusive extension of constructions in disfavour of plants and trees in municipality will be prohibited. The 24,000 trees and bushes from nursery of municipality will complete the green pool of Chisinau.

For new jobs

  1. People’s enterprises will be created and Moldovan investors will be their owners, managers and workers: the first pilot projects with at least 5,000 new jobs will be launched in 2007–2008;
  2. Foreign investors will be attracted in Chisinau and they will create approximately 20,000 new jobs, firstly in industry, building, service sectors and infrastructure.

For a European-style civilised city transport

  1. Forty streets will be capitally repaired by arranging 500,000 square metres a year at the highest level;
  2. Public transportation will be modernised in continuation by developing trolley and bus assembly plants, so that the number of trolleys and buses will grow by 30 percent;
  3. New trolley routes will open in every district of the Chisinau municipality, including Cricova by October 2007.

For more economic comfort

  1. Direct heating delivery contracts on basis of individual meters will be introduced starting 2008.

For our children and teachers

  1. Children from kindergartens and schools and teachers will permanently be the centre of attention. All kindergartens and schools will be renovated and will be permanently supplied with communal services (hot water, etc).

IV. Whom do I count on?

Any promises made in this electoral campaign may be petty words if they do not enjoy the support of electors, Municipal Council, political forces, business community and mayors, other European capitals.

Electors — Citizens of the Chisinau municipality are authors of my programme because all 15 points were born from meetings and discussions with citizens and reflect wishes and proposals of Chisinau residents.

Political forces — Representing the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM), I enjoy the support of all party members and I also hope that all electors regardless of parties will understand that this programme meets their interest and will elect me.

Municipal Council — I am sure that citizens will elect a Municipal Council made up of a majority of PCRM members who will permanently support the implementation of this programme.

Business community — Many firms based in Chisinau back my electoral programme.

Mayors of Moscow, Kiev, Bucharest and capitals of other European countries — We establish cooperation relations with them to obtain the expected results in the near future.

V. About programme

This is the first well-suited programme of a mayor-general of the municipality which needs a good manager.

The programme represents me and my supporters: it is sincere, based on actions, not words; it is realistic and well thought-out.

The programme is simple, clear, concrete, and comprehensible.

My political adversaries launch unrealistic proposals, without finances. Their programmes are very general and difficult for common people. They speak much and do little.

The difference between me and my political adversaries is evident: I am a good, experienced manager and I know what I want.