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Information on previous elections of Governor of Gagauz ATU

The Government approved (GD #35) the provisory regulation on election of Governor (Bashkan) of Gagauzia;

The first round of elections of Governor of Gagauzia took place concomitantly with elections of the People’s Assembly of the autonomy. None of the four candidates (Gh.Tabunscic, M.Kendighelean, D.Croitor, S.Topal) garnered the necessary votes. Gh.Tabunscic and M.Kendighelean participated in the runoff vote on June 11, 1995 and Tabunscic was elected Governor of Gagauzia after garnering 64 percent of the votes (the investiture took place on June 20, 1995);

Ordinary elections of Governor of Gagauz ATU took place, with 6 candidates (D.Croitor, Gh.Tabunscic, M.Kendighelean, C.Tausanji, I.Stamat, P.Sari) participating in the first round. Dumitru Croitor was elected Governor of Gagauzia at the runoff vote held on September 5, 1999, after he garnered 61.54 percent of the votes, compared to 38.46 percent gathered by his rival (the investiture took place on September 24, 1999);

The period of governance of D.Croitor (1999–2002) coincided with accession of the Moldovan Party of Communists (PCRM) to the power, with former governor of Gagauzia D.Tabunscic being a parliamentarian on behalf of PCRM. Following 2001, the activity of the legitimately elected Governor was blocked by some local political forces and the central authorities intervened. D.Croitor was accused of abuse of authority, relations with the separatist authorities of Transnistria, etc.

A group of 21 members of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia gave a blame vote to the Governor of Gagauzia and set a referendum for February 24, 2002 to revoke D.Croitor. Most of polling stations were closed on that day and the local (executive) authorities of the autonomy took actions to baffle the referendum (D.Croitor, M.Kendighelean, I.Burgudji were investigated under Penal Code for these actions but I.Burgudji only was sentenced to detention and the other cases were closed later);

June 2002
D.Croitor tendered resignation from the post of Governor of Gagauzia under internal pressures of central authorities (motivating officially that the People’s Assembly ignored his opinion when it made decisions and turned down any initiatives);

The central electoral commission of Gagauzia did not register Dumitru Croitor as a candidate to the post of Governor of Gagauzia on behalf of the Democratic Party (because his case was incomplete). In late 2002 Croitor was appointed Moldova’s Representative to the Geneva-based U.N. Office, while in January 2003 he became ambassador to the Swiss Confederation;

Early elections of Governor of the autonomy took place and 5 electoral candidates (G.Tabunscic, I.Stamat, M.Formuzal, S.Topal, C.Tausanji) participated. Only 41.43 percent of voters attended the scrutiny and elections were invalidated;

A new round of elections took place and only 3 competitors (Gh.Tabunscic, M.Formuzal, C.Tausanji) participated, while S.Topal was excluded from competition by local electoral commission, which invoked breaches in subscription lists of the candidate. Gh.Tabunscic garnered 50.99 percent of the votes, M.Formuzal gained 43.22 percent and C.Tausanji gathered 5.78 percent. The investiture of Governor of Gagauzia took place on November 9 (Gh.Tabunscic tendered resignation from the post of parliamentarian and the next alternate member of PCRM replaced him).